We have a new name and logo.

Maine Centers for Women, Work, and Community is now New Ventures Maine.

New Ventures Maine logo

Same Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Helping Maine people succeed in their jobs, businesses, and communities.
We help individuals recognize strengths, overcome barriers, find resources, develop a plan, take action towards their goals: start a business, find a career, return to school, build assets, be active in the community.

Our Vision

The economic empowerment of Mainers and their families.

Our Values

Shared leadership, Community, Integrity, Resiliency, Optimism, Openness, Fairness

Our new name better reflects our all-inclusive mission to help people all over Maine venture in new directions with their careers, businesses, and personal finances. It projects our promise for the future:

New Ventures Maine offers tools for you to take the next step.

You can. We help.

Same Programs

Classes and workshops at no charge, in-person and online options, one-on-one coaching.  We offer programs that encourage and empower those thinking about making a change to take the next step towards

a new career * a new business *  a new approach  * a new life

Make it happen.

How we got here

After 37 years of successfully positioning our centers as a resource for women, we have evolved our programs to meet the needs of a broad range of people whose attention can be difficult to attract in today’s fast-paced, Internet-oriented times.

We spent most of a year in thoughtful dialogue with many of our stakeholders through meetings, surveys, and formal and informal conversations among Advisory Council members, staff, program graduates, partners, and funders.

Our Structure

Founded in 1978 as a displaced homemakers program through state legislation, we are administered by and operate under the educational tax-exempt status of the University of Maine at Augusta/ University of Maine System. An Advisory Council appointed by the Governor provides strategic guidance and support.

Funding sources include the University of Maine System, federal and state contracts and grants, grants from private foundations, individual and corporate donations, and fee for service.

Enjoy WWC – A Brief History.

Available upon request in pdf format:

  • WWC 2014 Annual Summary
  • WWC 2013 Annual Summary
  • WWC 2012 Annual Summary
  • WWC 2011 Annual Report