New Ventures Maine (NVME) can help you:

  • research your idea-can you do it? is it worth it? can it bring the necessary rewards?
  • get organized and put a plan together.
  • turn your dream into reality.

Core Classes include:

  • New Ventures Entrepreneurship Training
  • The Basics of Starting a Business
  • Introduction to Self-Employment

Other resources include:

  • FDA for business
  • a three-step guide to planning a business
  • Maine Business Works for information on workshops statewide.
  • The Maine SBDC for business counseling and assistance


ClassDateProgram AreaLocationRegion
Introduction to Self-Employment2016-09-09 September 09, 2016Start a BusinessWiltonWestern
Introduction to Self-Employment2016-09-21 September 21, 2016Start a BusinessAugustaCentral
Getting Credit Ready2016-09-14 September 14, 2016
(ends September 28, 2016)
Start a BusinessGraySouthern
Introduction to Self-Employment2016-10-13 October 13, 2016Start a BusinessLewistonWestern
Introduction to Self-Employment2016-10-18 October 18, 2016Start a BusinessOaklandCentral
Introduction to Self-Employment2016-10-19 October 19, 2016Start a BusinessLivermoreWestern
Introduction to Self-Employment2016-10-24 October 24, 2016Start a BusinessFarmingtonWestern
Introduction to Self-Employment2016-10-25 October 25, 2016Start a BusinessMexicoWestern
Introduction to Self-Employment2016-11-03 November 03, 2016Start a BusinessLisbonWestern
Business Basics2016-11-02 November 02, 2016
(ends November 16, 2016)
Start a BusinessLewistonWestern
Introduction to Self-Employment2016-11-17 November 17, 2016Start a BusinessBethelWestern
Business Basics2016-11-14 November 14, 2016
(ends November 28, 2016)
Start a BusinessFarmingtonWestern
Venturing Forth: Business Planning for Entrep2016-09-13 September 13, 2016
(ends December 06, 2016)
Start a BusinessPresque IsleNorthern
Venturing Forth: Business Planning for Entrep2016-09-08 September 08, 2016
(ends December 08, 2016)
Start a BusinessBrunswickMidCoast